Tips and rules for Visitation

Plan your visit

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What should you wear?
Clothes and shoes must be comfortable, because the trade fair is very large..

What should you take?
– Business cards in good quantity
– Company gifts
– Company folders
– Information about the market(s)
– Every information available about what you are looking for
– Camera
– Pocket calculator
– Notepad or tape recorder

Other tips:
– Try to maintain you food habits
– Drink a lot of water
– Do not forget to bring your usual medications
– Travel as light as possible
– Include some free time to drink coffee, water, to talk a bit and rest between visits

How to make the most of your visit
During the visits, it is important to be objective, to go straight to the point. Remember exhibitors will try to stop you from visiting the next exhibition stand or at least they will try to hold you up before you get to the competitors.
When visiting the Exhibitors, do not forget to:
– Know who the decision-makers are
– Check the companies characteristics
– Check which are the characteristics of the markets these companies serve
– Check logistic issues
– Get information about the price levels practiced and forms of promotion, if any.
If you prefer to visit the fair in group, please do it with at most 2 other people who share common interests with you. After finishing your meeting with the exhibiting company, make a brief summary with the main information gathered and the agreements made with your interlocutor and attach the business card you received, for future contacts.

After the visits, do not forget to:
– Do what you agreed to do
– Send thank you e-mails and letters for the attention received
– Send the company presentation and folders to whoever you find interesting
– Try to keep in constant touch with possible suppliers, clients and reference companies
– Build your relationship network
– Compare your company with competitors and reference companies